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Art, pop culture, and responsible Hipster-ism. Original and reblogged. Credit will be given whenever possible. #original graphic means created by Her Majesty's Chimera.

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  1. MIT’s wearable computing, from the cyberpunk 80s/90s.

    MIT’s wearable computing, from the cyberpunk 80s/90s.

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  3. Night’s Watch Crest by LiquidSoulDesign
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  5. The moody backs of people’s heads

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  7. By: Noah

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  9. ryojisenou:

Photo by 瀬能リョージ


    Photo by 瀬能リョージ

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  11. goodtypography:
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  13. mercy-misrule:


    The jojo high fashion shoots are what inspire me in every aspect of my life

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  15. supersonicart:

    Chun Lo Prints on INPRNT.

    Illustrator Chun Lo has prints available for purchase in his INPRNT Store.  You can keep up to date with INPRNT on their Tumblr.

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  17. golden trio

    golden trio

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  19. horns under hood

    horns under hood

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